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Right of Way Maintenance

In the Gulf Coast Region, right-of-way terrain can be very diverse such as open water, marsh, swamp, farm land, and residential areas. In order to be a “Full Service” ROW company, it is essential to have cross trained personnel and specialized equipment to handle any task. RAMCO prides itself in being able to maintain these right-of-ways in the harshest conditions.

Tractor Cutting

It is essential to have the right equipment for the job. All of our tractors are equipped with after market heavy ply tires, customized brush protection, and fire extinguishers for safe reliable operations.

Marsh Master Cutting

When tractor cutting becomes impossible, a Marsh Master with a hydraulic rotary cutter is the way to go. This machine can also be used to transport personnel and equipment.

Hand Cutting

When all else fails, sometimes you have to call in a “Hand Cutting” Crew. Only an experienced team can perform “Hand Cutting” in the marsh safely and efficiently.

Right of Way Spraying

An alternative method to controlling vegetation in a ROW is by applying periodic herbicide applications.

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